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Haskell Fundamentals


Haskell Fundamentals

This session has ended. But you can still take this and other courses at the 47 Degrees Academy.

Haskell is a powerful Functional Programming language for building solid systems and ambitious projects. This course has been designed to cover the fundamentals of the language and provide beginners with enough knowledge of its features to be successful in developing projects in Haskell.

Course content

Simple constructs
  • Simple definitions
  • Definitions using pattern matching and guards
  • Local bindings with let and where
  • Pattern matching over lists, recursion
  • Higher-order functions: maps and folds
  • Anonymous functions and partial application
Algebraic data types and type classes
  • Record types, and record syntax
  • Enumerations
  • General shape of algebraic data types
  • Differences from OOP modelling
  • Polymorphic types: lists, trees
  • First-order type classes: Eq, Ord, Show
  • Automatic derivation
  • Concept of purity and tagging with IO
  • do blocks: pure vs. impure values
  • Basic console and file input/output
  • Working with callbacks (example using network-simple)
  • Small introduction to streaming
Functional error handling
  • Maybe and Either as polymorphic types
  • Combinators to work on the happy path
  • Dealing with errors in IO: exceptions
Higher-kinded type classes: Functor and Monad
  • Looking at commonalities in maps -> Functor
  • Notion of type constructors and higher-kinded clases
  • ‘Simulating’ stateful computations in Haskell
  • Looking at commonalities in bind -> Monad
  • Monadic utilities
Higher-kinded type classes: Applicative and Traversable
  • Applicative as generalizing map to n-ary functions
  • Applicative style programming
  • Generalizing map to mapM to traverse
  • Execution model with thunks
  • Cyclic and infinite structures
  • Forcing execution to avoid leaks
  • IO, exceptions and laziness
Async, STM, streaming, resources
  • Spawning new computations with async
  • Concurrent execution, racing
  • Concurrent access with Software Transactional Memory
  • Managing single resources
  • Managing pools of resources
Combining Effects
  • Logging effects
  • Monadic classes and stacks
  • An algorithm with environment, state and logging
  • Integrating with IO effect

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  • -50%

Enroll for $550Starts on July 6 at 9 AM CET

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Alejandro Serrano

Alejandro Serrano

Lead Software Engineer


  • Haskell
  • Simple Constructs
  • Type Classes
  • Input
  • Output

This Instructor-Led Course includes:

  • Two-day course led by a trainer
  • Maximum group size of 18 attendees
  • Access to our exercises platform in EduTools
  • Access to all materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to the Academy Slack


  • General Programming Skills in any Language

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