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Amar Patel joins 47 Degrees as UK's Business Development Director

We're pleased to welcome Amar Patel to our london office where he will play a critical role in growing our UK market.

January 11 2017

GitHub4s 0.10.0 Released

The latest release of Github4s adds support for Scala 2.10 and adds a few operations.

January 9 2017

47 Degrees wins Economy and Employment Award from the Andalucía Government

The Andalusian Youth Institute honored 47 Degrees with the award of Economy and Employment at the 2016 Premios Andalucía J...

December 21 2016

Sbt-microsites 0.4.0 Released

This latest release of sbt-microsites adds useful new features and a few minor bug fixes.

December 14 2016

Catch 47 Degrees at the 2016 Scala eXchange in London

Find members of the 47 Degrees team at our booth at Scala eXchange December 8th - 9th, 2016.

November 29 2016

Peter Neyens joins 47 Degrees to work on Scala Exercises

We're pleased to welcome our new intern, Peter Neyens who is working with us on Scala Exercises and assorted projects.

October 25 2016

Sbt Microsites Plugin version 0.2.5 released

We’re happy to announce the release of sbt-microsites v.0.2.5, a plugin for creating dedicated microsites for libraries an...

October 18 2016

2016 Lambda World Overview

The 2016 Lambda World brought together over 270 Functional Programming enthusiasts from around the globe for two days of p...

October 12 2016

Lambda World to host Scala Center Hackathon and Typelevel Unconference

Lamda World is less than two weeks away and will include a Scala Center hackathon, as well as a Typelevel Unconference.

September 21 2016

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