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LX Scala to bring the SW Europe Scala community together

LX Scala is the first Scala conference in Southwest Europe and runs April 9th at that Microsoft headquarters in Lisbon, Po...

March 22 2016

Major corporations endorse Scala with the launch of the Scala Center

A new non-profit foundation, The Scala Center, was launched in conjunction with the EPFL with major corporations providing...

March 9 2016

Maureen Elsberry brings marketing chops to the 47 Degrees team

47 Degrees welcomes Maureen Elsberry to our growing team as a Senior Marketing Manager.

March 4 2016

Improving Scala code with sbt

How to improve Scala code using sbt plugins.

March 1 2016

Scala is not dead: Why the move from Typesafe to Lightbend isn't a death sentence

Typesafe, the company behind Reactive Platform, formally announced the switch to their new name, Lightbend.

February 29 2016

Looking back at the classics: Generic data types in Swift (Part 4)

An example of how to implement a Binary Search Tree in Swift, by using generics to store any type of object, including opt...

February 4 2016

Adventures with Scala Collections

In most projects, we have to deal with sequences of objects. However, sometimes as developers, we don't think about which ...

January 29 2016

Diego Alonso joins the 47 Degrees’ team in London

47 Degrees welcomes Diego Alonso to our growing team in the UK as a Senior Software Engineer.

January 25 2016

47 Degrees welcomes Benjy Montoya

47 Degrees welcomes Benjy Montoya to our growing team as V.P. of Communications.

January 14 2016

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