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Git - Useful commands

Git is a powerful and useful tool that often scares devs because they don't know how to deal with daily situations that ha...

April 29 2015

FP for the average Joe - I - ScalaZ Validation

FP for the average Joe is a series of posts where functional Programming constructs are explained and shown in a clear way...

April 27 2015

Android and Scala week in Madrid, Spain

Join us in Madrid for Scala and Android week!

April 20 2015

Scala Meetup - JVM Mutability Matrix of Pain & What You Need to Know about Lambdas by Jamie Allen.

It is our pleasure to announce that 47 Degrees will be sponsoring and attending the next Scala Madrid meetup with special ...

April 14 2015

Making of: Translate Bubble in Scala on Android

A look into migrating the Translate Bubble app from Java to Scala on Android

April 13 2015

Scala on Android - Preparing the environment

In this post we are going to see how to start to programming in Android with Scala

April 8 2015

PointGrid - Sketch plugin

PointGrid, a plugin for Sketch written in CocoaScript.

April 6 2015

Scala Days 2015 Official Mobile Apps

We are pleased to announce the availability of the official, open source Scala Days apps for Android and iOS

March 13 2015

Similarities between Swift and Scala

An introduction to some cool common functionalities (and in some cases really close syntaxes) of Swift and Scala, and how ...

March 11 2015

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