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Arrow v0.7.0 release now available

Arrow v0.7.0 is now available! Arrow is a functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library.

April 9 2018

Real-time Analysis with Google Cloud PubSub and Integration Tests with Docker

An overview of how to scale a simple application with Scala by leveraging Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Apache Cassandra, and also...

April 3 2018

e.near takes over LX Scala conference

We've handed over the reins to the LX Scala conference to conference supporter, e.near.

April 1 2018

The Science Behind Functional Programming

A brief overview of the categories that are behind some computation patterns. Kotlin is used to show code examples, levera...

March 21 2018

A Journey Toward Real-time Insight Generation and Decision Automation

An overview of how to migrate out of unreliable ETL and slow batch processing in SQL and Excel.

March 15 2018

The Road to (Functional) Reactive Programming in JavaScript, Part 3

A general overview on JavaScript async management techniques and the chance of handling it in a functional, reactive way.

March 14 2018

A lightweight introduction to Recursion Schemes in Scala

A twelve step introduction to basic recursion schemes in Scala.

February 28 2018

Arrow v0.6.0 now available

We're pleased to announce the availability of Arrow v0.6.0!

January 22 2018

Λrrow - Functional Programming for Kotlin

A general overview of the newly released library Arrow for functional programming in Kotlin.

January 15 2018

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