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ClinkerHQ: Continuous Integration, Artifact Repository, and Code Inspection

ClinkerHQ: Continuous Integration, Artifact Repository, and Code Inspection

47 Degrees is an engineering heavy company. 90% of our team is coding and/or designing. We understand the benefits of efficiently organizing, properly testing, and maintaining modular code which is reusable and capable of evolving over time. Internal artifact management, continuous integration, and code inspection are all integral to our development strategy.

We have tried a number of Open Source self-managed & proprietary hosted options including: Atlassian On Demand and Teamcity. It’s always a challenge to conform to the methodologies of any one platform. We needed something that was cost efficient, and more importantly augmented our existing product workflow.

Clinker Tool Selection!

The solution? Clinker, a company offering hosting & support Continuous Integration, Code Inspection, and tools for the entire software management lifecycle. If your organization requires source control, employs project tests, and could benefit from tools designed specifically for software development, check out Clinker.

Unmatched Personal Service

The Clinker team assisted in ensuring we were up and running quickly by configuring our continuous integration and code inspection instance. They provide official support for well known Open Source solutions such as Redmine, Jenkins CI, Sonarqube, and Nexus.The team continues to amaze us assisting with our personalized SSL certs, SSH key management (integration with GitHub and other 3rd party services), and providing us with a strategy to get the most out of our Nexus Artifact Management.

We have a dedicated Clinker support specialist providing suggestions on how to improve our software lifecycle management. As we add new tools and frameworks, Clinker reassess our workflow providing recommendations to maximize productivity.

Android, iOS, Scala, Java…

Clinker offers Continuous Integration for iOS and Android builds. That includes all of the necessary emulators, SDKs, Ruby Runtimes, xctool, CocoaPods, etc. All integrated into their hosted Jenkins instance.

Jenkins CI build Console at Clinker!

Out of the box, Clinker supports common languages and SDKs including NodeJS, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Java, and Scala. For anything not officially supported, submit a support request and a Clinker specialist will work with you. That includes any Jenkins and SonarQube plugins you may already be using.

Adapts to your needs

Clinker appliances are non-shared instances. You may request additional RAM, CPU, and disk space as your organization or number of projects increases. Their predictable pricing model ensures your organization can anticipate monthly costs regardless of the number of jobs running. This is incredibly valuable for budgeting hosting / service costs. Our previous Continuous Integration solution varied month-to-month due to variable AWS CPU costs.

Clinker will save your company money. We’ve setup our own infrastructure with OSX Servers, Linux AWS, and VPS hosting. None were as cost effective as our current Clinker solution.

We have improved our overall process, have access to familiar Open Source tools, and reduced our overhead costs thanks to our managed Clinker instance.

Automated Backups

Automatic backups = peace of mind. Clinker provides automatic backups of your instances including your VCS repositories, Nexus repositories, Redmine projects, etc.

Prior to moving to GitHub for code, we relied on Atlassian OnDemand FishEye for subversion. We had a number of legacy projects which we needed access to, but had no plans on migrating to private repos on GitHub. Thanks to Clinker’s Git & Subversion support, we have access to those legacy projects.

No longer having to manage an infrastructure or worrying about backups is incredibly valuable—for our own peace-of-mind, and more importantly that of our clients. We are able to focus our time on what is most important: software development. Keep your development process running smoothly. Let the specialists at Clinker handle maintenance, tools, and infrastructure.

Ensure the success of your project

47 Degrees can work with you to help manage the risks of technology evolution, develop a team of top-tier engaged developers, improve productivity, lower maintenance cost, increase hardware utilization, and improve product quality; all while using the best technologies.