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47 Degrees, a Heroku Service Partner

47 Degrees, a Heroku Service Partner

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate: we’re excited to follow-up our recent Typesafe partnership by announcing that we have partnered with Heroku—one of the best services to run Scala and Play apps.

As long time evangelist of Heroku, we recommend any developer or shop building web applications & backend services give Heroku a try. Its ease of use and abstraction over hardware allow you to focus on app development; leave the gritty details of deployment and scaling in the cloud to Heroku.

With a single-click you can increase the number of machines powering your app ensuring horizontal scalability & availability during peak traffic.

Want even more reasons to try Heroku? Heroku provides access to add-ons which make third-party integrations with data stores, analytics and app monitoring a breeze (see more Heroku add-ons). Most of these add-ons allow you to setup a free sandbox environment where you can develop and test your initial infrastructure at no cost. Only pay when you’re ready to make the transition from testing.

Amongst the available add-ons: Mongolab is a great company that provides MongoDB as a service in the cloud. We have used both Heroku and Mongolab in production and speak from experience that the duo is both reliable and a joy to work with.

Regardless of what language or framework(s) you use, it is likely already supported by Heroku. We rely on Play + Scala extensively, but the platform also supports Java, Ruby, Node.js, Clojure and Python to name a few.

How much time do you spend each day thinking about server infrastructure and production ready environments?

Heroku has increased our productivity tenfold. We can quickly deploy proof-of-concept and production applications without worrying about infrastructure or server maintenance.

Want to build your next scalable web application, backend or mobile REST API with the latest technologies on Scala and Heroku? 47 Degrees can help you get the most out of Scala and Heroku and make your next app a success.

Ensure the success of your project

47 Degrees can work with you to help manage the risks of technology evolution, develop a team of top-tier engaged developers, improve productivity, lower maintenance cost, increase hardware utilization, and improve product quality; all while using the best technologies.