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47 Degrees, a Typesafe Service Partner

47 Degrees, a Typesafe Service Partner

"Increasingly, organizations demand web applications that are resilient, interactive, scalable and even-driven to meet end user expectations. Reactive applications like these require sophisticated tools and middleware to build, deploy and manage them," says Mark Brewer, CEO Typesafe. "The team at 47 Degrees has demonstrated impressive creativity and vision in this new space of reactive applications and we're thrilled to have a working partnership as they continue to help build forward thinking web and mobile applications with Scala, Play Framework and Akka."

We are proud to announce that 47 Degrees is a Typesafe Service Partner.

We are strong supporters of the Typesafe Platform and use Scala extensively to power our backend services and APIs. As part of our ongoing commitment within the Scala community and for the Typesafe Platform, we’ve joined forces with Typesafe to provide web application & scalable backend systems support and development leveraging Scala using Play & Akka.

Why Scala, Play and Akka?

Scala is a modern JVM language with support for many features such as Functional Programming & Immutability Concurrency—features that aid in enabling highly scalable web apps & backends.

After years of Java development, we have experienced a continuous demand for web applications & APIs which are responsive, concurrent, and reactive. Scala brings together the type safety of Java and the expressivity and productivity you would expect to find in popular dynamic languages such as Ruby. What does this mean? Scala reduces the boilerplate generally associated with large Java projects. Our developers can focus more on app development while leveraging the powerful features provided by Scala.

Play Framework brings a stateless model which enables asynchronous highly scalable concurrent transactions in web systems with a simple and concise API. We have extensive experience providing mission critical applications that run on EC2 and Heroku for customers in diverse sectors such as finances, travel and entertaiment industries. Through this experience, we have found that applications built on Scala and Play are extremely reliable in production— scaling horizontally on both the cloud and a cluster of affordable commodity hardware.

Akka is the middleware that enables asynchronous operations in tightly packed fault tolerant architecture ideal to model complex business processes and jobs based on the popular Actor pattern.

Scala, Play and Akka are the main building blocks that form the Typesafe Platform—a set of modern tools built on top of open source components to power your next project with available commercial support available through 47 Degrees.

Join reknown companies such as LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Twitter that use the Scala Programming language and Typesafe technologies to raise your app success to the next level.

Want to find out how we can build a scalable web or API? Get in touch and find out what 47 Degrees can do for you.

Ensure the success of your project

47 Degrees can work with you to help manage the risks of technology evolution, develop a team of top-tier engaged developers, improve productivity, lower maintenance cost, increase hardware utilization, and improve product quality; all while using the best technologies.