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Technology Radar Promotes Arrow to 'Adopt'

Technology Radar Promotes Arrow to 'Adopt'

Arrow has been promoted to “Adopt” by ThoughtWorks’ technology guide Technology Radar

If you’re unfamiliar with Arrow, it’s a group of open-source libraries that bring pure functional programming to Kotlin.

Arrow was first added to The Radar in April 2019 when it was placed in the “Assess” ring and promoted to the “Trial” ring in November of the same year.

Technology Radar volume 23 cover

Arrow’s move to the “Adopt” ring of The Radar was announced in Technology Radar Volume 23. Items are moved to this ring when the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board feels “strongly that the industry should be adopting these items.”

Regarding Arrow’s promotion, Technology Radar details:

Arrow is promoted as the functional companion for Kotlin’s standard library. Indeed, the package of ready-to-use higher-level abstractions delivered by Arrow has proven so useful that our teams now consider Arrow a sensible default when working with Kotlin. Recently, in preparation for the 1.0 release, the Arrow team introduced several changes, including the addition of new modules but also some deprecations and removals.

Version 1.0.0 is indeed on the horizon! But, in the meantime, check out the full list of changes and features in 0.11.0 by visiting the official changelog.

We want to give an extra special thanks to all of the amazing Arrow Contributors who have helped Arrow get to where it is today. And thanks to ThoughtWorks for highlighting the usefulness of Arrow and recommending its adoption.


The active development of Arrow is proudly sponsored by 47 Degrees, a Functional Programming consultancy with a focus on the Kotlin, Scala, Haskell, and Swift programming languages.

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