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Arrow put on a big show at Kotlin Dev Day

Arrow put on a big show at Kotlin Dev Day

Arrow, a collection of libraries that complement the Kotlin ecosystem with functional patterns and data types, made a splash at the recent Kotlin Dev Day conference.

This in-person conference for people interested in Kotlin took place on May 19 at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. Experts from around the globe converged to network, learn, and share information. Speakers presented talks on a wide variety of topics related to the Kotlin programming language, including presentations focused on Arrow.

International speaker Karin-Aleksandra Monoid, who is a Senior Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert in Kotlin, delivered a talk titled, “Extending kotlinx.serialization functionality with Arrow Meta.” This talk demonstrated how Arrow Meta (a functional companion to Kotlin’s compiler) can be used to help solve the challenges of migrating from the Jackson serializer to kotlinx.serialization.

Watch Karin’s presentation here:

47 Degrees Trainer and Software Engineer Alejandro Serrano Mena also presented an Arrow-related talk at Kotlin Dev Day. His talk, titled “Super-charge your build with Arrow Analysis,” demonstrated this plug-in for the Kotlin compiler, which essentially supercharges your compilation pipeline to make your code safer and more robust.

Watch Alejandro’s presentation here:

This recent Kotlin Dev Day conference marked the second edition of the Kotlin-focused event. The sold-out conference was a success, and it marked the first return to in-person conferences for many in the community, including a group from 47 Degrees.

47ers attending Kotlin Dev Day

47 Degrees CTO Raúl Raja was among the 47ers at the conference. “At Kotlin Dev Day, we had a blast reuniting with many friends in the community, enjoying an incredible venue, and a program packed with top talks and speakers,” he said. He continued, “Finally, we were pleasantly surprised that many attendants and speakers knew and discussed Arrow in talks and hallway conversations.”

More about Arrow

We invite you to check out the Arrow website for more detailed information and documentation about Arrow. And, if you’re interested in contributing, learning more, or just have questions about Arrow, join the Kotlin Slack in the #arrow channel. The Arrow maintainers are an inclusive group of people committed to providing the best user and community experience, and they welcome your participation and contributions.

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