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7 DevSecOps tools that will save you time and money | DevSecOps News

7 DevSecOps tools that will save you time and money | DevSecOps News

Presenting the DevSecOps News Roundup for mid-April, 2022.


The DevSecOps Approach to Kubernetes
Looking at DevSecOps and its approach to securely handling the Kubernetes infrastructure.
Source: jaxenter.com

To the Moon and Beyond: DevSecOps for Space Applications
An interview with Dr. Guillaume Brat, Robust Software Engineering lead at NASA’s Ames Research Center.
Source: securityboulevard.com/

8 Basic DevOps Principles and Practices
Adopting these DevOps basics can help develop a self-orgainzed system to help improve product delivery.
Source: readwrite.com

3 Lessons Learned From Our DevOps Journey Inside Dell
Tips from a multi-year DevOps journey inside Dell that might help your organization begin implementing DevOps.
Source: forbes.com

Making the Kessel Run
Read about how a handful of Airmen brought DevOps to the United States Air Force, then used it to save more than 123,000 lives.”
Source: airforcemag.com

Software companies are slowly closing the gender pay gap on DevOps teams
A new survey shows that the pay gap between men and women working on DevOps teams is slowly closing.
Source: techrepublic.com

Bonitasoft intros devops tool for digital process automation
Bonitasoft has introduced product enhancements that enable more teams to extend devops workflows into business process automation.
Source: venturebeat.com

Berlin-based Garden.io, an end-to-end DevOps platform for Kubernetes and containers, raises €14.31M
Garden.io secured $16M in Series A funding for its graph-based framework that automates builds, deployments, and tests for every stage of the delivery cycle.
Source: siliconcanals.com

7 DevSecOps tools that will save you time and money
Check out these tools that can enable your team members to increase productivity while also improving consistency in the quality of your products.
Source: itproportal.com

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