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DevSecOps Is a Culture Issue | DevSecOps News

DevSecOps Is a Culture Issue | DevSecOps News

Presenting the DevSecOps News Roundup for early June, 2022.


Take the 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Survey
Google Cloud and the DORA research team recently announced the launch of the 2022 State of DevOps survey. This is the largest and longest running research of its kind with input from more than 32,000 professionals worldwide. The survey is open until midnight PDT on July 22, 2022.
Source: cloud.google.com

KubeCon Valencia 2022 Wrapup
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022, took place May 18th-20th in Valencia, Spain. This post provides a full recap of the event.
Source: loft.sh

LDRA integrates with Microsoft Azure DevOps to improve ‘shift left’ strategy for organizations
Software company LDRA announced a new integration between its tool suite and Microsoft Azure DevOps. The company says this integration will help military and defense providers build security best practices into the beginning stages of software development on the cloud-hosted development platform.
Source: helpnetsecurity.com

DevSecOps glossary: 24 terms security professionals need to know
With an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, new concepts and terms emerge all the time. This post puts a spotlight on DevSecOps and provides a list of 24 terms and critical concepts to help you improve your DevSecOps knowledge.
Source: techrepublic.com

Why security teams need to automate DevSecOps for SAP
Enterprise software company SAP reports that 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers. But this monolithic system with a tightly-integrated database and application layer doesn’t offer the native tools to validate source code for security flaws. This article recommends that companies should consider third-party tools that can scan for code defects in SAP business functions.
Source: scmagazine.com

DevSecOps Is a Culture Issue
Developer security platform Snyk sponsored a recent virtual roundtable that was held with the objective to find ways to bring teams together to help “create a foundation for a robust and thriving DevSecOps culture.” This article provides a recap of this roundtable event.
Source: cdotrends.com

Why DevSecOps Should Be Top Priority
Cloud-native software development can offer incredible agility and speed. But when things move faster, security can sometimes get left behind. This article describes how DevSecOps is an essential part of the software development life cycle, and emphasizes the importance of its prioritization.
Source: devops.com

DevSecCon24 is a free virtual event taking place on June 14, 2022. This global conference is dedicated to DevSecOps, and it brings developers and security teams from around the world together to “share, discover, and define the best practices, processes, and tooling that make secure software possible.”
Source: devseccon.com

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