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Fetch 0.6.3 Released

Fetch 0.6.3 Released

Fetch, a 47 Degrees open source project, is a Scala library for simplifying and optimizing data such as file systems, databases, and web services. Check out the latest release of Version 0.6.3.

New features include:

  • #127 - Add timeout capability to Future implementation of FetchMonadError

  • #128 - Adds Twitter future support

  • #130 - Enforces consistent arrow symbols using scalafmt

  • #131 - Generalizes timeout tests. Fixed Twitter timeout

  • #132 - Move and reuse TestHelper

  • #134 - Change delay in flaky timeout test

Thanks to Peter Neyens, Justin Heyes-Jones, Chris Vale, and Fede Fernandez for these changes.

You can view the full changelog here: Fetch v0.6.3 release notes

Additionally, you can read more information on this project here:


Introducing Fetch

Combining data from a database and a web service with Fetch

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