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Functional Programming in Scala is now a part of Scala Exercises

Functional Programming in Scala is now a part of Scala Exercises

We’ve added a new dedicated exercise set for learning functional programming in Scala Exercises!

FP in Scala, also known as The Red Book, by Paul Chiusano and Rúnar Bjarnason is widely considered one of the best tutorials for programmers interested in learning functional programming. The book covers basic techniques and progresses with more advanced concepts and concrete examples. Now, the exercises used in the book are available online as part of Scala Exercises!

The FP in Scala set covers the first of four parts of the book, and consists of six sections ranging from getting started to pure functional state and purely functional parallelism and is a excellent resource for using in tandem with the book, or on its own. Sections covering the remaining three parts will be released shortly.

If your bookshelf appears to be missing this quintessential guide, then you should seriously consider picking up a copy of Functional Programming in Scala.

About Scala Exercises:

Scala Exercises is a free open source platform for learning different technologies based in the Scala programming language created by 47 Degrees. By design, exercise libraries start with the basics and progress with your skill level. Complete the exercises, save your progress, and share with friends and colleagues!

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