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Functional Roundup for April 4, 2017

Functional Roundup for April 4, 2017

Here are some of the latest updates, projects, talks, articles, and events in the Functional Programming community:

Monix V2.2.4

Last week, Monix V.2.2.4 was announced and fixes a handful of bugs according to the release, including:

  • #338: Fix broken test that can yield errors in Scala’s community build.
  • #333: Observable.firstStartedOf fails due to off-by-one error.
  • #335: Observable concatMap / mapTask trigger invalid state warning on raiseError children.

There were a few additional changes made including upgrading Scala.js to V0.6.15. The release is binary compatible to all previous 2.2.x versions.

Read the full announcement here: Monix: Version 2.2.4.

Kotlin/Native Tech Preview

The team over at JetBrains has announced the tech preview for Kotlin/Native - an LLVM backend for the Kotlin compiler.

According to the announcement, the compiler produces standalone exectutables that can run without a virtual machine.

While the release isn’t fully functional yet, they encourage people to go play around with it and check out the source code.

Read the full post here: Kotlin/Native Tech Preview: Kotlin without a VM.

Google launches open source home

Google’s Open Source projects got a fancy new home with the launch of Google Open Source last week.

They explain that this will be a home for all of their initiatives to come together and also provide a look behind the scenes about how they tackle open source projects. You can also find a massive directory of current open source projects that will be expanding over time.

Pretty snazzy, Google.

Check out the site here: Google Open Source.

Want to launch a site for your open source projects? Our library org is a tool to help you do just that! Check out 47 Degrees’ Open Source site for an example! Org is, of course, open source and was created using Clojure and Clojurescript.

A whirlwind intro to Erlang

Ever wanted a speedy intro to Erlang? Tudor Zgureanu over at Cake Solutions wrote a nice and clear piece to get you started.

Erlang is another language on the JVM used to build scalable, soft real-time applications, that’s both concurrent and fault-tolerant, but you already knew that.

Read the full post here: A Whirlwind intro to Erland.

Akka Alpakka v0.7 released

The Akka team has released the latest updated to Alpakka, the home for Akka Streams connectors and other integrations and data components.

According to the announcement, Streams integrations with Google Cloud, PubSub, and a new AWS SQS Sink with acknowledgment/replay support are included in the release.

Read the full announcement here: Alpakka v0.7.


Additional great content and news:

Suggested information to digest this week:

The functional programming community has no shortage of excellent conferences, talks, and articles. Here are just a few that were released that we recommend checking out if you missed them the first time:

Daniela Sfregola:

Daniela Sfregola presented Easy and Efficient Data Validation with Cats at the NYC Typelevel Summit. Check out the slides here:


Bartosz Milewski:

Bartosz Milewski presents Category Theory II 7.2: Comonads Categorically and Examples :


Upcoming Events:

Scala at the Sea

  • April 11, 2017
  • WhitePages - Seattle, WA

Scala Days: Chicago

  • April 19-21, 2017
  • Swisshotel - Chicago, IL

PTJUG & GDGLX Session #10

  • May 9, 2017
  • Universidade de Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

LX Scala

  • May 12, 2017
  • Microsoft Headquarters - Lisbon, Portugal

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