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Functional Roundup for July 22, 2016

Functional Roundup for July 22, 2016

sbt 0.13.12 released

sbt 0.13.12 released

sbt 0.13.12 went public on Sunday, July 17th with a score of improvements, bug fixes, and fixes with compatibility implications.

The following are fixes with compatibility implications:

  • #2286 and #2634 - Scala toolchain artifacts are now transitively resolved using the provided ScalaVersion and ScalaOrganization (thanks to Miles Sabin).
  • #2530 - The Build trait is deprecated in favor of the .sbt format (thanks to Dale Wijnand).

Improvements include:

There were ten bug fixes including:

  • #2431 / #2500 Fixes merged dependency descriptors creating non-exisiting artifacts (by Martin Duhem).
  • #2497 / #2557 - Fixes a 0.13.11 regression in incremental compiler: IndexOutOfBoundsException in ExtractAPI (by Guillaume Martres).
  • #2560 / #2563 Fixes incremental compilation misses when macro expansion references another source (by Yokota).

There shouldn’t be any issues with plugin compatibility from past releases. This update featured 83 (non-merge) commits by 11 contributors.

You can view the full list of changes here: sbt 0.13.12

tut 0.4.3

tut 0.4.3 released

Rob Norris lists the following as changes worth noting:

  • #114 - Updated for 2.12.0-M4 and M5
  • #110 - Error are now reported using canonical file paths (by Olivier Blanvillain).
  • #108 - Compiler option -Ywarn-unused-import is now removed from options passed to IMain by tut (by Jentsch).
  • #106 - The .markdown extension is now included in the default name filter (by Chris Coffey).
  • #102 - The tut task now returns the complete list of examined files; subdirectiories were being ignored (by Cody Allen).
  • #99 - The tutOnly filename completion parser is now available as a public setting (by Adelbert Chang).
  • #98 - The scala-xml version has been updated to 1.0.5 for compatibility with Scala 2.12 (by Tsukasa Kitachi).

You can view the full list of changes here: tut 0.4.3.

SIP July Meeting

SIP Summary Meeting

Last week, the Scala Center held it’s monthly SIP meeting and discussed the new SIP process along with reviewing a handful of SIPs currently in the queue.

The following SIPs were numbered, meaning they’re onto the first round of acceptance in Scala in theory and will be re-evaluated when concerns and improvements are addressed:

These SIPs were also discussed:

  • SIP-25 - Trait Parameters was reviewed by Adriaan Moors whose comments can be found here.
  • SIP-20 - Improved Lazy Val Initialization was reviewed by Sébastien Doeraene whose comments can be found here.
  • SIP-22 - Async was reviewed by Burmako and was put on hold by the requests of the authors. You can view the comments here.

Jorge Vicente Cantero, the new SIP Process Lead, also announced that there will be a new SLIP process proposed for mid-August.

See more developments in the July SIP Meeting Notes.

Suggested information to digest this weekend:

The functional programming community has no shortage of excellent conferences and talks. Here are just a few that were recently released that we recommend checking out if you missed them the first time (Curry On 2016 Edition):

Kelley Robinson:

  • Why the Free Monad isn’t Free
  • Curry On Rome

Kelley Robinson discusses the price of implementing the Free Monad within your code and how, it’s not actually free.

Watch the talk here:


Eugene Burmako:

  • To Macros and Beyond!
  • Curry On Rome

Eugene Burmako discusses how macros changed Scala, and what’s coming next.

Watch the talk here:


Julien Richard-Foy:

  • Using Object Algebras To Design Domain Specific Embedded Languages
  • Curry On Rome

Julien Richard-Foy discusses Algebras notable features including extensibility, modular expressive power, and DSL families, and a comparison to free monads.

Watch the talk here:


Upcoming Events:

Scala Up North

  • August 5th - 6th
  • Concordia University - Montreal, Quebec

Scala World

  • September 10-14th
  • The Rheged Centre - Cumbria, UK

Typelevel Unconference & Lambda World

  • September 30th - October 1st
  • Palacio de Congresos - Cádiz, Spain

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