Functional Roundup for September 2, 2016

Functional Roundup for September 2, 2016

Scala.js 0.6.12

Scala.js 0.6.12 released

Although a minor release, 0.6.12 fixes a handful of bugs and is prepping the way with a few internal changes for support of Scala 2.12.0-RC1.

The following were amoung the bugs fixed:

  • 2547 - Overriding a JS native method with default parameters leads to AssertionError in the compiler.
  • 2553 - Constructing a String from a large byte array throws “Maximum call stack size exceeded.”
  • 2559 - Throwable constructor with cause should use the cause’s message.
  • 2565 - java.util.Date.toString() result is missing dd part.
  • 2573 - split("") is not identical to JVM split.

You can view the rest of the changes here: Scala.js 0.6.12 bug fixes.

Monix 2.0.0

Monix 2.0.0 final release

Monix is a Scala/Scala.js library for composing asynchronous, event-based programs.

According to the release announcement, there have been a massive amount of fixes and enhancements since Monix 1.0.0 was released, here are just a few:


  • 176 - Add TaskApp, a safe App trait for both the JVM and Scala.js.
  • 191 - Introduce implicit convertion from Any to Coeval.Now.
  • 196 - Add the Consumer.create builder.
  • 209 - Task: add a way to override the Scheduler used.

Bug Fixes:

  • 201 - Fixes and optimizes Task.gatherUnordered as an edge-case, it wassn’t stack safe and it has been optimized to be more efficient.
  • 207 - Task flatMap loop isn’t cancelable.
  • 210 - fixed CompositeCancelable.remove.
  • 213 - Fixes Task / Coeval memoize operation.

You can view the rest of the changes here: Monix 2.0.0 final release.


ScalaCheck-DateTime Released

ScalaCheck-DateTime is a new open source library from 47 Degrees and Noel Markham designed to make it easy to have sensibly generate date and time instances for use with the ScalaCheck library.

  • Works for both Joda Time and Java 8’s java.time APIs.
  • Generate date time instances within a given range
  • Generate date time instances to a given precision

The project is currently open for testing and contributions before heading into a 1.0 release.

Visit the offical site here:ScalaCheck-DateTime

Wait, there’s more:

Suggested information to digest this weekend:

The functional programming community has no shortage of excellent conferences, talks, and articles. Here are just a few that were released that we recommend checking out if you missed them the first time:

Bodil Stokke:

  • Reactive Game Development for the Discerning Hipster
  • JQuery Conference


Donald Szeto:

  • Introduction to Apache PredictionIO
  • Bay Area Apache Spark Meetup


Upcoming Events:

Scala World

  • September 10-14th
  • The Rheged Centre - Cumbria, UK

Typelevel Unconference & Lambda World

  • September 30th - October 1st
  • Palacio de Congresos - Cádiz, Spain

Reactive Summit

  • October 4-5th
  • Hyatt Regency Austin - Austin, TX

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