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Functional Roundup for June 29, 2017

Functional Roundup for June 29, 2017

Here are some of the latest updates, projects, talks, articles, and events in the Functional Programming community:

Reactive Stream V.1.0.1-RC1 release

On Thursday, June 29th, Viktor Klang announced the long awaited update of Reactive Streams.

Reactive Streams is set to be included in JDK9 and Viktor wants to make sure everyone tries out the improved TCK, which includes the following alterations:

  • #375 - Fixed potential resource leaks in partially consuming Publisher tests
  • #306 - Renamed untested_spec305_cancelMustNotSynchronouslyPerformHeavyCompuatation to untested_spec305_cancelMustNotSynchronouslyPerformHeavyComputation (yep, that rogue A will get ya)
  • #314 - Allow configuring separate timeout for “no events during N time,” allowing for more aggressive timeouts in the rest of the test suite if required
  • #374 - New test verifying Rule 2.10, in which subscriber must be prepared to receive onError signal without having signaled request before

After checking out the new features and fixes, please send your feedback to the team.

You can read the full release notes here: Reactive Stream V.1.0.1-RC1 release.

Scala Native 0.3.1

Two weeks ago, Denys Shabalin announced the release of Scala Native 0.3.0 which included a new garbage collector called Immiz. It also featured a lot of library, tooling, and performance improvements as well as a handful of bugfixes.

On Thursday, he published Scala Native 0.3.1. The release fixes issues discovered in 0.3.0 including:

  • #848 - FileWriter fails to create a new file
  • #851 - AbstractList.addAll doesn’t work
  • #863 - Unit tests fail due to new test harness in Travis CI
  • #878 - Make ArrayList throw exceptions as specified in JDK Javadoc

You can read the full list of bugfixes here: Scala Native v0.3.1.

Lightbend and IBM

Lightbend’s having a good week…to say the least. IBM has announced a multi-million dollar investment into the company, to colloborate on an integrated platform for cognitive development.

The platform is designed to act as a single hub where it will be easy to build and deploy AI and “cognitive” applications whether it’s on-premise or cloud-based environments.

Of course, the integrations with IBM Cloud and the Reactive Platform will include focus on CI, data analytics, IoT, security, DevOps, and blockchain, according to the press release.

Basically, to sum it up, Lightbend and IBM just had a very expensive baby.

You can read the full announcement here: IBM and Lightbend build integrated platform for cognitive development.


Additional great content and news:

Suggested information to digest this week:

The functional programming community has no shortage of excellent conferences, talks, and articles. Here are just a few that were released that we recommend checking out if you missed them the first time. Curry On! edition!

Jeremy Gibbons:

Jeremy Gibbons presented Profunctor Optics Modular Data Accessors at Curry On! Barcelona. You can watch the video here:


Bonus: Jeremy Gibbons will be a featured speaker at Lambda World in Cádiz this October. Grab your tickets for this great conference while you can!

Jean Yang:

Jean Yang presented Preventing Information Leaks by Construction at Curry On! Barcelona. You can watch the video here:


Renzo Borgatti:

Renzo Borgatti presented Clojure Transducers in the Wild at Curry On! Barcelona. You can watch the video here:



Upcoming Events:

London Scala Meetup

  • July 10, 2017
  • Code Node - London, UK

Scala at the Sea

  • July 11, 2017
  • Whitepages - Seattle, WA

Scala Up North

  • July 21 - 22, 2017
  • Morris J. Wosk Centre Vancouver, BC

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