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GitHub4s 0.10.0 Released

GitHub4s 0.10.0 Released

Announcing the release of Github4s v0.10.0

Github4s, a 47 Degrees open source project, is a GitHub API wrapper written in Scala.

The v0.10.0 release includes:

  • #46 - Adds support for Scala 2.10. Please note that the RepoUrls model has been changed by replacing all optional URL fields with a Map, avoiding the limit of 22 fields in case classes. Because of this, V.0.10.0 breaks the compatibility with all projects that are currently using the Github Repository model.

Also added are a few operations that relate to GitHub issues, including:

Thanks to Federico Fernández for these changes!

You can view the changelog here: Github4s v0.10.0 release notes

Additionally, you can read more information on this project here: Github4s

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