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GitHub4s 0.15.0 Released

GitHub4s 0.15.0 Released

Github4s, a 47 Degrees open source project, is a GitHub API wrapper written in Scala.

Version 0.15.0 is a minor release and focuses on:

  • Algebra’s refactoring to organize them accordingly.
  • Bringing a complete documentation about supported GH APIs, including a new Contribuing Guide to engage new contributors.
  • Supporting Comment API and Review API (only read-only endpoints).
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Concretely, these are the release changes:

  • Remove integration tests creating statuses (#128)
  • Streamlined the getting started (#126)
  • Support Comment API (#127)
  • Refactor Algebras (#130)
  • Missing Test and Docs (#132)
  • Missing unit test (#137)
  • Contributing guide (#138)
  • Replace updateReference’s force parameter type from Option[Boolean] to Boolean (#141)
  • Upgrades tut bumping sbt-org-policies version to 0.5.0 (#140)
  • Fixes ghost users associated with pull requests, issues and comments (#144)
  • Microsite Enhancements (#143)
  • Super minor lang edits (#146)
  • Fix string interpolation in docs (#147)
  • Rename listStatus to listStatuses (#145)
  • Rename Authentication to Authorization in the doc (#148)
  • Add support for the read half of the PR Review API (#139)
  • Releases 0.15.0 (#150)

Thanks to the following contributors for these changes:

You can view the changelog here: Github4s v0.15.0 release notes

Additionally, you can read more information on this project here: Github4s

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