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Giving Back | The Morgan Stanley Team

This presentation was the keynote at ScalaCon on May 21st, 2021.

Giving Back

Automated asynchronous execution; caching; a bitemporal data store; distribution; dependency tracking - some of the core features of our platform, all accessed by our users with the simple addition of just 5 characters - @node. Built by diverse and talented developers based on ideas from the Scala community, 10 years and 7 million lines of Scala in the making, we provide a programming framework that truly separates business logic from execution concerns. Join us to hear about how we are broadening our engagement with open source, and how we built on our local volunteering efforts to find talent in overlooked communities, and ultimately hire nearly 100 developers in Ghana.


  • James Belsey - Managing Director
  • Daniela Sfregola - Senior Software Engineer
  • Andrew Brett - Software Engineer
  • Valerie Saunders Duncan - Software Developer
  • Gjeta Gjyshinca - Software Developer

ScalaCon is a 47 Degrees, Skills Matter, Scala Center, and Lightbend production.

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