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Introducing scalacheck-datetime

Introducing scalacheck-datetime


This library has been renamed to ScalaCheck Toolbox to include additional helpful libraries including datetime, magic, and combinators.

Introducing scalacheck-datetime

We are pleased to announce the initial release of the scalacheck-datetime library.

Set to work with both Joda Time and Java 8 SE’s Date and Time API, the library is designed to make it easy to have sensibly generated date and time instances for use with the ScalaCheck library.

The library has two key features: Rather than generating, for instance, a Joda Time DateTime for any feasible time, from the prehistoric ages to far, far into the future, you can specify a range, such as a Joda Time Period, and any times generated will be restricted to within that offset.

Additionally, you can specify the precision of generated instances: If your domain does not care about times at a per-millisecond precision, you can specify how precise you want to be, from the nearest second all the way up to the nearest year.

Contributions Welcome

If this looks like something that will be useful for testing your project, please download it and give it a go! We’d love some feedback regarding any issues, improvements or ideas for making this into a 1.0 release.

Vist the official site to find out more: scalacheck-datetime.

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