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New versons of the IntelliJ Rust plugin, Kubernetes, and more FP news | Lambda World News

New versons of the IntelliJ Rust plugin, Kubernetes, and more FP news | Lambda World News

Here’s a quick look from Lambda World News at some of the recent items making news in the Functional Programming community.


Rust logo State of Rust Survey | The annual State of Rust survey is now open. The Rust team wants your feedback about the language, regardless of whether you use it. Learn more about it and take the survey here: Launching the 2021 State of Rust Survey

Kotlin logo Kotlin 1.6.10-RC | A new release candidate for the Kotlin programming language is out. This version contains bug fixes for Kotlin 1.6.0. Check out the changelog here: Kotlin 1.6.10-RC

Kubernetes logo Kubernetes 1.23 | Kubernetes 1.23 is packed with 47 enhancements to this open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Read more here: Kubernetes 1.23: The Next Frontier

IntelliJ Rust logo IntelliJ Rust for 2021.3 | A new version of the IntelliJ Rust plugin focuses on enriching language support. Read more about the new update for this open-source Rust plugin compatible with all IntelliJ-based IDEs here: IntelliJ Rust for 2021.3

ocaml logo opam 2.1.2 | A new minor release of opam, version 2.1.2, includes backported fixes for this OCaml language package manager. See more information about this version here: opam 2.1.2 release


Programming in Swift coverProgramming in Swift by Stephen G. Kochan


Lambda Days logo Lambda Days
February 10-11, 2022

Scala Love logo Scala Love
February 11, 2022


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