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New Clio version, a Kotlin preview release and more FP news | Lambda World News

New Clio version, a Kotlin preview release and more FP news | Lambda World News

Here’s a quick look from Lambda World News at some of the recent items making news in the Functional Programming community.


Kotlin logo Kotlin 1.6.0-RC | The final preview release of Kotlin 1.6.0 was recently released, featuring lots of fixes and new features that will be standard in 1.6.0. Read all about it here: Kotlin 1.6.0-RC

Clio logo Clio 0.12 | Clio 0.12 adds lots of new features to this functional language, and it now provides optional type safety on both compile-time and on run-time. Read all about the new features here: Gradual Typing and More in v0.12!

Kotlin logo Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Results | The results from the latest Kotlin Multiplatform Survey have been published. See them here: Results of the Kotlin Multiplatform Survey Q1-Q2 2021

Cabal logo Cabal | There’s a new minor version release of Cabal out now. Read more about the fixes in the latest version of this system for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs here: Cabal


Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir coverConcurrent Data Processing in Elixir: Fast, Resilient Applications with OTP, GenStage, Flow, and Broadway by Svilen Gospodinov


Kotlin logo Kotlin 2021 Premier Online Event
October 19th-November 6th

Scale By The Bay logo Scale By The Bay
October 28th-29th, 2021

ScalaCon logo ScalaCon
November 2nd-5th, 2021

Haskell logo Haskell eXchange 2021
November 15th-17th, 2021


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