Mu v0.18.3 is now available

Mu v0.18.3 is now available

Mu is a purely functional library for building RPC endpoint based services with support for RPC and HTTP/2. This latest release, v.0.18.3 is a minor release.

Changes in 0.18.3 include:

  • Fixes schema-evolution links #595.
  • Bumps sbt-org-policies and sbt-jmh #596.
  • Adds seed sample #598.
  • Allows specifying the namespace and capitalized params #601.
  • Improves how the params are received in the annotation #602.
  • Improves rpc metrics naming #607.
  • Update docs #600.
  • Fixes metric prefix #609.
  • Fixes plugin release #610.
  • Uses updated Skeuomorph version for non-primitive protobuf fields #614.
  • Fixes compile errors with the generated source code #615.

Please visit the official changelog for the complete list of changes.

We would like to give special thanks to the following contributors for this version (in no particular order):

For a full list of the contributors who have helped Mu get to where it is today, please check out: Mu Contributors. We’re always looking for additional help, if you’re interested in contributing please note that all levels are welcome and we’re happy to offer 1:1 mentoring through Mu’s Gitter channel.


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