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Sbt-microsites 0.4.0 Released

Sbt-microsites 0.4.0 Released

Announcing the release of sbt-microsites v0.4.0

Sbt-microsites, a 47 Degrees open source project, is a tool for creating dedicated microsites for libraries and other projects. The plugin, written entirely in Scala and based on the Bootstrap Framework, simplifies site generation and integrates with a project’s Github repository.

The v0.4.0 release includes a few useful new features as well as some minor bug fixes including:

  • #111 - Provides the ability to import JS and CSS files from CDN services.

  • #109 - Improved version of micrositeExtraMdFiles setting. Now you don’t need to modify your markdown files that are located in a different path than tut. You can specify the layout version and the rest of the meta-properties when configuring this sbt setting. If you were using the previous version 0.3.x, and you are upgrading to 0.4.0, you need to rewrite this setting.

  • #110 - Brings a new feature that makes the total customization of the _config.yml Jekyll file possible, through the new micrositeConfigYaml setting.

Also incorporated are a few minor changes in preparation for 0.5.0.

You can view the changes here: sbt-microsites v0.4.0 release notes.

Additionally, you can read more information on this project here: sbt-microsites plugin

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