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sbt-microsites 1.0 Released

sbt-microsites 1.0 Released

Announcing the release of sbt-microsites v1.0

sbt-microsites is an open source sbt plugin from Xebia Functional, formerly 47 Degrees, that facilitates the creation of fancy microsites for your projects, with minimal tweaks.

We are excited to announce the release of sbt-microsites version 1.0 This release includes a completely redesigned style, which is offered through the use of a new feature: themes. The initial theme is named light, and features clean lines and a minimalistic design. This is the main feature of this new version, but there are many more changes, both small and large, to talk about.


As always, sbt-microsites is totally customizable, so users can implement their personal style. We haven´t discarded the previous style, so users have the option of creating a microsite with the previous style, which we have named pattern style.

Below, we detail the main aspects of the new light style, for which we have disposed of Bootstrap to use our own CSS styling.

Home layout

sbt-microsites home layout

This is the default layout when setting the index.md as layout: home. It is similar to the previous home layout, but the main difference you’ll notice is that we removed the background pattern from the header. The rest of the elements in this layout remain the same, but in a more stylized and attractive way.

Features layout

sbt-microsites homeFeatures layout

This is a completely new layout for v1.0, and its main characteristic is the features section that is placed after the header, and where the user can highlight three main aspects of a library.

sbt-microsites Features section

The example below shows how to display this layout:

layout: homeFeatures
 - first:   ["Configuration", "sbt-microsites facilitates the creation of fancy microsites for your projects, with minimal tweaks"]
 - second:  ["Customize", "sbt-microsites provides a considerable scope for improvement and customization in terms of images and styles"]
 - third:   ["Documentation", "Writing documentation for your own microsites is fast and easy, so you don't have to deal with details"]

The features are identified for the set of keys (first, second, third), and you can add the title and a description for any feature in your library.

Docs layout

sbt-microsites docs layout

This is the general aspect of the layout for the documentation when using the light style. As you can see, the default theme for the code highlighting has changed to vs, although this is configurable as described in the sbt-microsites customize section.

Multiversion Support

This is another main feature of this release, as sbt-microsites now offers initial support to build different versions of your library documentation.

To start using this new feature, get a look at the new task makeMultiversionMicrosite. This will go through the new micrositeVersionList setting, where you can set a list of versions you want to build:

micrositeVersionList := List("0.1.0", "0.2.0")

And the main microsite will now show you a selector in the following way:

sbt-microsites multiversion

In the future, we are planning to offer support to serve a different specific version as the default one, or include the version selector in the different versioned sites, in addition to the main site.

Breaking changes

Another aspect to highlight for this release is that mdoc is now the default markdown code typechecking tool, currently updated to v2.0.3. Because of this, sbt-microsites users who are still using tut in their microsites must follow the steps described here to use mdoc, or adapt your build accordingly in order to keep using tut.

Other Features

  • Custom Sass/SCSS support when overwriting styles.
  • Complete jQuery removal for new default light theme, now using vanilla JavaScript.
  • Use ES2015 syntax and newer browser APIs.
  • Sidebar show/hide and current element activation behavior improvements.
  • Update highlightjs to version 9.16.2.
  • Complete streamline of web 3rd party dependencies.
  • Various improvements on the site construction, getting rid of unused files and boilerplate content.
  • Add more semantic tags, and include a11y attributes.

And much more! You can view the full changelog here: sbt-microsites v1.0.0 release notes, sbt-microsites v1.0.1 release notes, and the full list of sbt-microsites contributors.

Additionally, you can read more information on this project here:


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