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Scala MOOCs’ exercises now available in Scala Exercises

Scala MOOCs’ exercises now available in Scala Exercises

We’re pleased to announce, in partnership with the Scala Center and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, that a companion exercise library for the first two courses of the Scala MOOCs is now available on Scala Exercises.

The Functional Programming in Scala specialization is a five-course program created by the EPFL and offered on Coursera to provide a hands-on approach to learning the Scala programming language from the ground up. If you’re not currently enrolled, but interested in completing this course, you can enroll here.

The first course, Functional Programming Principles in Scala is designed to cover the basics of the functional programming style and how they can be applied usefully to daily programming tasks. Course two, Functional Programming Design in Scala, focuses on applying the functional programming style in the design of larger applications.

The new Scala Exercises library set is designed to act as a “quick start” and includes elements like terms and types, functional loops, tail-recursion, higher order functions, imperative programming, polymorphic types, and lazy evaluation among others.

We’re beyond thrilled to have Scala Exercises be a recommended resource for the Scala MOOCs and want to thank Julien Richard-Foy and Heather Miller from the Scala Center and Javier de Silóniz for their work on making this happen.

Also, feel free to contribute a PR, recommend additional features you would like to see, or create a set of exercises for your library, Scala Exercises is Open Source! You can also join in on the conversation in the Scala Exercises Gitter channel or follow us @scalaexercises.

About Scala Exercises:

Scala Exercises is an Open Source project by 47 Degrees designed to assist in learning different technologies based on the Scala Programming Language. The tool currently offers hundreds of solvable exercises covering the basics of the Scala language, and some of it’s most important libraries.

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