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Scala Native open source premieres at Scala Days NYC

Scala Native open source premieres at Scala Days NYC

Scala Native, a new ahead-of-time compiler, and lightweight managed runtime for Scala was announced on stage during a presentation at Scala Days NYC.

While Scala orients primarily around the Java Virtual Machine, the release of Scala.js opened the door to front-end development for Scala programmers according to Denys Shabalin.

Shabalin, a research assistant at LAMP and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, has been working on this project for the past year, citing slow JVM startup times as his inspiration.

Features according to Github:

  • Low-level primitives: allowing for full control of your application.

low level primitives

  • Extern objects: seamlessly call native code without runtime overhead.

Extern objects

  • Instant startup: code is compiled ahead-of-time via the LLVM meaning it’s fast and ready for action.

Instant startup

Scala Native has the potential to be game changing for mobile and gaming applications.

Check out the pre-release at the Scala Native Github and follow @47deg for further updates on this project.

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