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Learn ScalaCheck with Scala Exercises

Learn ScalaCheck with Scala Exercises

There’s another new exercise library to try out in Scala Exercises! Now you can easily learn ScalaCheck by completing the new specialized exercise set!

ScalaCheck, a Typelevel project originally developed by Rickard Nilsson, is a tool for testing Scala and Java programs, based on property specifications and automatic test data generation.

The ScalaCheck set consists of two sections covering Properties and Generators - allowing you to quickly and easily grasp the concepts associated with using this tool to test your projects.

We’re thrilled to have ScalaCheck included in our expanded group of libraries and hope you find it useful in your pursuits.

About Scala Exercises:

Scala Exercises is a free open source platform for learning different technologies based in the Scala programming language created by 47 Degrees. By design, exercise libraries start with the basics and progress with your skill level. Complete the exercises, save your progress, and share with friends and colleagues!

You can follow @ScalaExercises and join in on the conversation by using #ScalaExercises or at the SE Gitter channel.

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