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Scala's future as seen by VirtusLab's Scala 3 team | Paweł Dolega and Krzysztof Romanowski

This presentation was the keynote at ScalaCon on May 20th, 2021.

Scala’s future as seen by VirtusLab’s Scala 3 team

At VirtusLab, we deeply care for the future of Scala and its ecosystem. With Scala 3 we have moved this effort to the next level by building a full team to work together with Martin, EPFL, and Scala Center and are trying to make Scala and its ecosystem friendly, inclusive, and productive. In this talk, we will share current developments, plans, and challenges to give everyone a sneak peek of what is coming. We will share how we are going to support companies and organizations that are willing to migrate to Scala 3 and what we think are the crucial areas that are slowing Scala adoption in the business world.

Speakers: Paweł Dolega - CTO, VirtusLab Krzysztof Romanowski - Scala 3 Team Lead, VirtusLab

ScalaCon is a 47 Degrees, Skills Matter, Scala Center, and Lightbend production.

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