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Skills Matter and 47 Degrees announce partnership

Skills Matter and 47 Degrees announce partnership

We’re happy to announce our training and consulting partnership with Skills Matter. Together, we’re bringing expertise in functional programming and application modernization across North America, the UK, and Europe. In addition to training services, our team will provide project-based consulting and skills transfer services to ensure clients accomplish their project delivery goals while enabling their staff to develop the skills necessary to become digital, technology-driven leaders.

Skills Matter CEO, Frank Rodorigo, comments, “We are delighted to support the Skills Matter and 47 Degrees partnership which brings to our shared customers’ application modernization, consulting and training services. This partnership enhances a historical collaboration with 47 Degrees focused on helping clients utilize and gain the benefits of functional programming languages to drive digital innovation and modernization. Together we are creating a solid foundation of online courses, accessible across greater geographical regions, supporting our community during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.”



The training delivery aspect of the Skills Matter and 47 Degrees partnership will focus on functional programming courses in Scala, Kotlin, Haskell, and Swift and the use of these languages in application modernization.

The Fundamentals of Functional Programming series of courses will take place throughout 2021. Led exclusively in English, the trainings will be scheduled to accommodate timezones focused on the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, and related markets.

Until we can safely conduct in-person training, these sessions will be held primarily via virtual learning environments.

Fundamentals of Functional Programming

Kotlin Fundamentals - This course provides developers with a strong grasp of the basic concepts and features of the Kotlin programming language, preparing them to work on Kotlin projects professionally.

Kotlin is one of the most promising JVM languages and has seen immense growth over the last few years. The language is now being used in thousands of systems, including both backend and frontend. Kotlin is a multiplatform JVM language that was announced as the official programming language for Android by Google some years ago.

Scala Fundamentals - This training course is an overview of the basic concepts of Scala for beginners.

Scala is a powerful functional programming language for building solid systems and ambitious projects. This course has been designed to cover the fundamentals of the language and provide beginners with enough knowledge of its features to be successful in developing projects in Scala.

Haskell Fundamentals - Discover the basic concepts of Haskell in this virtual course aimed at Haskell beginners.

Haskell is a powerful functional programming language for building solid systems and ambitious projects. This course has been designed to cover the fundamentals of the language and provide beginners with enough knowledge of its features to be successful in developing projects in Haskell.

Swift Fundamentals - Dive into Swift and get up to speed developing applications in the Apple ecosystem.

While Swift’s primary use is for developing iOS and macOS apps, it can also be used in backend development or, as a scripting language. Though Swift is an object-oriented language, it features characteristics such as high-order functions, value semantics, and protocols with associated types that make it very suitable for Functional Programming.

Dates for these courses will be announced within the coming weeks. For more information and to sign-up to be notified of future dates, please make sure to visit Skills Matters - 47 Degrees and subscribe to the mailing list.

Nick Elsberry, CEO of 47 Degrees said, “47 Degrees and Skills Matter are highly complementary to each other. Collaboration from our like-minded teams will enable us to deliver even better quality training courses empowering software professionals with the skills they need to advance technology, and transform businesses. The ever-increasing dependence on software accentuates the importance of reliable, secure, and highly performant programs. The functional programming expertise of the 47 Degrees team makes delivering these capabilities to our shared clients possible, and we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with a trusted brand like Skills Matter.”


In addition to providing opportunities for companies to upskill their teams, 47 Degrees is proud to offer project-based consulting and team augmentation services as part of this partnership.

We fundamentally believe that all enterprises can deliver landmark performance and innovate on new business models with data and software. Using battle-tested functional programming and cutting-edge technologies, we unlock these opportunities by modernizing and transforming our clients’ data supply chains to be more real-time, responsive, secure, and automated.

Please reach out to discuss your projects needs to see if a consulting engagement is right for you.


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