Exploring Android Material Components

Exploring Google's latest Material Design Guidelines and using the Material Components library for theming your widgets fo...

December 17 2018

9 Cards Client Architecture

A look into the creation of the 9 Cards Client Architecture.

February 22 2017

9 Cards V.2: The First Open Source Launcher written in Scala on Android

An open source Android launcher written in Scala that adapts to your daily routine.

February 9 2017

Mvessel: The new JDBC driver written in Scala

Mvessel is a JDBC driver written in Scala that allows the use of ORMs in Android.

November 10 2015

Scala on Android - Layout and Styles

Scala on Android is a series of posts for folks getting introduced to Scala in Android projects - Part 3 - Layout and Styles

July 6 2015

Certified Typesafe Scala Training [Fast Track to Scala]

Certified Typesafe Scala Training [Fast Track to Scala]

May 14 2015

Scala on Android - Setting SBT configuration

Scala on Android is a series of posts for folks getting introduced to Scala in Android projects - Part 2 - Setting SBT con...

May 11 2015

Android and Scala week in Madrid, Spain

Join us in Madrid for Scala and Android week!

April 20 2015

Making of: Translate Bubble in Scala on Android

A look into migrating the Translate Bubble app from Java to Scala on Android

April 13 2015

Scala on Android - Preparing the environment

In this post we are going to see how to start to programming in Android with Scala

April 8 2015

Scala Days 2015 Official Mobile Apps

We are pleased to announce the availability of the official, open source Scala Days apps for Android and iOS

March 13 2015

Scala API Demos

We are pleased to announce the release of another open source project - Scala API Demos: Examples of Scala on Android

March 9 2015

Translate Bubble - Scala on Android

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest open source project - Translate Bubble on Android. Written entirely i...

January 30 2015

ClinkerHQ: Continuous Integration, Artifact Repository, and Code Inspection

Thanks to ClinkerHQ, 47 Degrees is able to focus its time on what is most important: software development.

March 18 2014

Skala Preview, live design previews for mobile work

Preview design work from Photoshop in real-time on your mobile device.

May 14 2013 2.0: New UI & Location Based Alerts updated featuring a new UI and location based alerts.

March 13 2013

A Reintroduction to Photoparty

The core functionality of Photoparty remains the same: it has a centralized photo stream around which all of the activity ...

January 8 2013

47 Degrees Introduces Wunderground Weather API Android Library

We created an open source library that allows Android apps to interface with Weather Underground's Weather API.

October 30 2012

QThru Taps 47 Degrees for Mobile Development

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been working with QThru on their mobile app to help them iterate with improved design...

August 21 2012


Conference for Kotliners 2019

Join us on June 7th in Budapest for the 2019 Conference for Kotliners. 47 Degrees team member, Jorge Castillo will be talk...

June 7 2019

ExFest Cáceres 2019

Join us at ExFest Cáceres 2019 in Spain.

April 26 2019

Freakend Mobile 2019

Join us at Freakend Mobile 2019 happening February 22nd-24th in Madrid, Spain.

February 22 2019

Freakend Mobile 2018

Join us at Freakend Mobile 2018 happening February 23-25th in Madrid, Spain.

February 23 2018

Freakend Mobile 2017

Join us at Freakend Mobile 2017 happening February 17-19th in Madrid, Spain.

February 17 2017


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