scala exercises


Scala MOOCs’ exercises now available in Scala Exercises

You can now complete exercises for the Scala MOOCs on Scala Exercises.

January 24 2017

Learn ScalaCheck with Scala Exercises

Now you can learn ScalaCheck, a tool for testing Scala and Java programs in Scala Exercises.

September 13 2016

Functional Programming in Scala is now a part of Scala Exercises

The latest edition to Scala Exercises is a set based on Manning's Functional Programming in Scala, also known as 'The Red ...

September 13 2016

Announcing Doobie for Scala Exercises

Now you can learn Doobie, a pure functional JDBC layer for Scala in Scala Exercises.

September 8 2016

Announcing the official launch of Scala Exercises V.2

Scala Exercises is an Open Source project for learning different technologies based in the Scala Programming Language. We'...

July 5 2016

Scala Exercises

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest open source project - Scala Exercises: The easy way to learn Scala

February 26 2015


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