9 Cards V.2: The First Open Source Launcher written in Scala on Android

An open source Android launcher written in Scala that adapts to your daily routine.

February 9 2017

Tips and Techniques for using ScalaCheck

Noel Markham introduces techniques for making the most out of using ScalaCheck, when to use Gen and Arbitrary classes, and...

October 27 2016

Using Typelevel to make the most of ScalaCheck

Noel Markham discusses how to enhance the use of ScalaCheck using Typelevel libraries.

September 30 2016

Learn ScalaCheck with Scala Exercises

Now you can learn ScalaCheck, a tool for testing Scala and Java programs in Scala Exercises.

September 13 2016

Functional Roundup for September 2, 2016

Here are some of the functional programming and developer updates making the rounds for the week of September 2, 2016.

September 2 2016

Introducing scalacheck-datetime

A library for helping use date and time libraries with ScalaCheck

September 1 2016


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