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Fetch 0.6.1 Released

Check out the latest changes in Fetch with release 0.6.1.

April 19 2017

Sbt-Microsites V0.5.0 Released

The latest release of sbt-microsites completely integrates Kazari and sbt-org-policies.

March 23 2017

Programming LambdaTest

This post examines an important feature of LambdaTest: its programmability.

March 20 2017

Fetch 0.6.0 Released

The latest release of Fetch includes functionality for batch-only data sources and controlling how batches are executed.

March 17 2017

Extending LambdaTest

This post examines an important feature of LambdaTest: its extensibility.

March 3 2017

9 Cards Client Architecture

A look into the creation of the 9 Cards Client Architecture.

February 22 2017

How org works

Learn how org, a tool for generating a website for GitHub organization is implemented using Clojure, ClojureScript and oth...

February 21 2017

Introducing LambdaTest: A new Scala Testing Library

LambdaTest is a new open source library for testing Scala Code that can be run via SBT or directly.

February 14 2017

Introducing org: A site generation tool for open source organizations

Learn to quickly generate a website for your open source organization with the new tool from 47 Degrees entitled org.

January 31 2017

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