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Functional Roundup for April 15, 2016

Here are some of the functional programming and developer updates that caught our eye for the week of April 15, 2016.

April 15 2016

Improving Scala code with sbt

How to improve Scala code using sbt plugins.

March 1 2016

Looking back at the classics: Generic data types in Swift (Part 4)

An example of how to implement a Binary Search Tree in Swift, by using generics to store any type of object, including opt...

February 4 2016

Adventures with Scala Collections

In most projects, we have to deal with sequences of objects. However, sometimes as developers, we don't think about which ...

January 29 2016

Spark On: Let's Code! (Part 3)

Spark and Scala have come to enhance large-scale data processing. In this series of blog posts we will talk about some of ...

November 11 2015

Mvessel: The new JDBC driver written in Scala

Mvessel is a JDBC driver written in Scala that allows the use of ORMs in Android.

November 10 2015

Security Frameworks for Scala

A summary of popular security frameworks available for use with Scala.

November 3 2015

Spark On: Let's Code! (Part 2)

Spark and Scala allow us to enhance large-scale data processing. In this series of blog posts, we'll discuss some of our o...

October 22 2015

A different approach to UITableView delegate methods: a cool use of Swift's enums.

Swift's enums, combined with the power of pattern matching, they give us a great field to create and explore new patterns ...

October 5 2015

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