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A different approach to UITableView delegate methods: a cool use of Swift's enums.

Swift's enums, combined with the power of pattern matching, they give us a great field to create and explore new patterns ...

October 5 2015

Spark On: Let's Code! (Part 1)

Spark and Scala have come to enhance large-scale data processing. In this series of blog posts we will talk about some of ...

August 24 2015

Looking back at the classics: Generic data types in Swift (Part 3)

Chris Okasaki's work is an example of how, just armed with raw boldness cleverness, we can use data types as old as comput...

July 13 2015

Scala on Android - Layout and Styles

Scala on Android is a series of posts for folks getting introduced to Scala in Android projects - Part 3 - Layout and Styles

July 6 2015

Introducing Second Bridge

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest iOS open source project - Second Bridge, a new framework for function...

June 5 2015

Scala development with GNU Emacs

Emacs has been the one of the favorite editors for hackers since the 1970s. Learn how to start using it for your Scala dev...

June 4 2015

Functional programming meets the client side: Scala.js

A cursory review of the virtues of Scala.js through a demo project.

June 2 2015

Looking back at the classics: Generic data types in Swift (Part 2)

Generic coding can be a great tool to combine classic computer science works like the Stack with the newest 21st Century ...

May 29 2015

FP for the average Joe - II - ScalaZ Monad Transformers

FP for the average Joe is a series of posts where functional Programming constructs are explained and shown in a clear way...

May 26 2015

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