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Arrow FX for Kotlin

Join us for a special joint Meetup of the Madrid Android Developer Group and Functional Programming Madrid this Wednesday, May 22nd at the Tuenti office in Madrid.

47 Degrees CTO and Co-Founder Raúl Raja and Senior Software Engineer Simon Vergauwen who are both Core Maintainers of the Arrow library, will be giving at talk on Arrow Fx.

Arrow Fx with Raul and Simon

Arrow Fx: All you need for purely functional sync, async and concurrent effects.

Arrow Fx delivers a purely functional async and concurrent framework with first-class imperative syntax and a programming style that results in safer and faster purely functional programs.

Ideal for Backend and frontend alike, Arrow Fx builds on top of the Kotlin suspension system and promotes an imperative programming style that eliminates the need to use ‘map’, ‘flatMap’, and other operators that cause nesting allocations and, in general, result in composition styles which increase overhead runtime.

Arrow Fx offers a new composition style where the compiler automatically tracks user denoted side effects and ensures effects are always controlled in IO continuations offering more guarantees than other languages like Scala, where nesting is necessary to delay effects.

47 Degrees will be sponsoring pizza and drinks for the networking portion of the event.

Don’t miss it, come and find out how Arrow Fx can help you build and create safer sync, async and concurrent programs in Kotlin while remaining purely functional. There are limited spaces available, please RSVP.

Follow us @47deg and @arrow_kt to find out more and join in on the conversation by using the #ArrowKT.

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