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ScalaCheck like a boss with 47 Degrees

Join us November 25th - 26th for BeeScala 2016 on the sunny side of the Alps! The conference, in its first year, is organized by members of the Scala User Group Slovenia and is designed for software engineers focused on the Scala programming language. 47 Degrees is proud to be a sponsor of this event.

Our own Noel Markham will be presenting ScalaCheck like a boss on Saturday, November 26th at 17:05:

This talk will be an all-encompassing tour of ScalaCheck. Noel will start with a brief introduction for those who have never used the tool before. He’ll then illustrate some interesting ways to design properties, to make sure you get the most out of the library, showing how it differs from other unit testing frameworks like JUnit, Specs2 or ScalaTest. He’ll also talk about how ScalaCheck integrates with other libraries, specifically some from the Typelevel suite, and He’ll finish by introducing a new library to help ScalaCheck work with dates and times, and show some techniques for working with that. By the end of his talk, you’ll definitely have all the ammunition you need to be using ScalaCheck from the outset on your current project!

Thinking about attending? Get tickets here (link no longer available)!

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