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Typeclasses in Scala 3

January’s Colombia Scala virtual meetup is a special joint presentation with Scala at the Sea. This event takes place on Thursday, January 27th at 16:00 COL/13:00 PST, and will feature a talk by 47 Degrees lead software engineer Noel Markham.

NOTE: This presentation will be delivered in English.

Talk title:

Typeclasses in Scala 3

Talk Description: If you have ever been confused or unsure about typeclasses, we are going to take a look at what they are and how they work in Scala 3. You will need no previous knowledge of what typeclasses are, either from Scala 2 or in general.

We will define what a typeclass is, we will create our own in Scala 3, and also provide some instances of that typeclass. To finish, we will look at some fun techniques that are available to make working and creating typeclass instances even easier in this new version of the language.

Learn more about this free event at the Colombia Scala meetup page or the Scala at the Sea meetup page.

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