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Developer Week Cloud Edition 2019

Developer Week Cloud Edition 2019

We’ll be at Developer Week Cloud Edition 2019 at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle, Washington on May 30th through the 31st!

The theme this year is Cloud Architecture. They explain, “From containers and microservices to serverless architecture and DevOps deployment, 2019 will be the year of innovation in cloud architecture. What are the fundamental theories and technologies that will influence the future of your company cloud?”

The event features six tracks on Microservices, Artifical Intelligence, Containers & Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Security & Performance, and IT & DevOps Management.

47 Degrees Principal Engineer Rafa Paradela and Solutions Architect Oli Makhasovea will be giving a joint presentation entitled, Developing Seamless Web Services with Mu:

In the development of fast-paced, service-oriented systems, it is not uncommon for changes in major requirements to emerge. Things that were concrete like protocols, transports, and encodings may need to be altered, e.g., due to the organization switching to a new tech stack. Oli and Rafa will introduce Mu, a new FP library for building web services aiming to make such changes painless. Mu offers code annotations for defining RPC or REST APIs, message types, and serialization formats, thus removing a dependency on protocol-specific declarations and enabling seamless changes between different implementations.

For more information and to register for the event, visit DeveloperWeek.com.

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