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Domain Driven Design Europe

Join Alejandro Serrano from 47 Degrees for the Domain Driven Design Europe hands-on conference. This online event takes place February 4th-5th, and features interactive hands-on labs and workshops led by industry experts.

Being Formal Yet Lightweight

This session highlights how formal modeling and verification can be introduced as part of the development process, without having to heavily invest in them. Apart from a high-level view, I would like to introduce some tools as concrete examples of what can be used in this arena.

  • Alloy and TLA+ as a way to do lightweight formal modeling, which would keep your domain models updated and free of problems, while being “executable” enough to do experiments.
  • LiquidHaskell, Stainless, and other refinement-based tools to automatically enforce invariants obtained from those models in the actual code.

Check out the event’s website to see the large list of participating speakers, and get your tickets for the virtual Domain Driven Design Europe.

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