FP In The City

Join Alejandro Serrano and Rebecca Mark from 47 Degrees at Signify Technology’s FP in the City virtual conference on September 10th. This charity event supports Black Lives Matter and NHS.

Alejandro Serrano - Basic Optics with Haskell

Lenses are becoming an increasingly important part of a Haskeller’s toolkit. Yet, when first approaching them, people may feel buried under a myriad of different lens-like thingies. The goal of this talk is to provide a conceptual overview of three of the most important kinds of optics, namely lenses, prisms, and traversals.

Rebecca Mark and Kate Fulton - Build me up, Buttercup: Functional Programming with Parser Combinators

What is a parser combinator? And what is its connection to functional programming? In this talk we’ll explore how parser combinators make use of composability and pure functions to great effect! We’ll build a simple recursive descent parser in Scala and show its connection to monads and other common FP abstractions. We aim to demonstrate how parser combinators are a perfect domain for understanding the fundamentals of functional programming.

Register for FP in the City by making a donation in support of Black Lives Matter and NHS. Follow Signify Technology for updates related to this event.

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