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Functional JVM Meetup

Functional JVM Meetup

Join the Functional JVM Meetup this November 27th at the Avast Software office in Prague! Simon Vergauwen, a Senior Engineer with our team, will be presenting Arrow Meta: Kotlin Metaprogramming for the masses.

Arrow Meta is a meta-programming library designed to ease the development of Kotlin compiler plugins.

The Arrow team has been working on making Meta easy and accessible by removing the complexity of the Kotlin compiler phases and providing a simple API to transform trees based on code templates.

In its first iteration, Arrow Meta includes bundled plugins for Monadic comprehensions, Higher Kinded Types, and Type Classes bringing advanced type system features frequently used in the FP ecosystem to Kotlin.

In addition, to provide access to the Kotlin compiler, Arrow Meta includes native automatic integration with IntelliJ IDEA’s plugin system empowering compiler plugin authors to bring their features, not just to the compiler, but also to the editor and in front of the IDE for a better FP experience.

Join us for this talk where we will show the building blocks and tooling that are going to transform the future of FP in the Kotlin programming language.

The event is free to attend, but please RSVP here!

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