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Functional programming in Kotlin with Arrow.kt

Join Simon Vergauwen and Alejandro Serrano on December 15th for a look at functional programming in Kotlin with Arrow—an open-source family of libraries bringing functional and metaprogramming to Kotlin.

This presentation will air on JetBrains’ Kotlin YouTube channel at 16:00 UTC.

Functional programming in Kotlin with Arrow.kt

Arrow strives to be a great functional companion library for Kotlin. This is not just a matter of style: with this functional style we can describe complex patterns in an easy way, and we aim to showcase a few of them in the context of a Ktor project. We’ll discuss how to handle retries using circuit breakers and schedulers, and how to do validation in a powerful fashion. Along the way, we’ll show a bit of other Arrow projects, like optics and analysis.

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