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Haskell Love

Join Alejandro Serrano from 47 Degrees for the Haskell Love conference. This virtual event runs from July 31st through August 1st. Alejandro’s presentation takes place at 9:15 a.m.(GMT+2) on Friday, July 31st.

GraphQL 💜 Haskell

GraphQL is the next big thing in web development, don’t you know that? In this talk you’ll learn what the fuss is about, and how to build a GraphQL server in Haskell using the Mu library.

GraphQL is a modern alternative to REST for web services. It supports more complex queries than simple GETs and POSTs, where you specify the data you really want. The downside is that writing a GraphQL server by hand is much harder than for REST.

Enter Mu, a library for developing microservices in Haskell. Recently, we have upgraded it to support GraphQL, in a simple yet type-safe way. This talk describes how to use Mu, and what is the bright future for GraphQL in Haskell.

Registration for Haskell Love is completely free.

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