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ICFP 2020

Join Alejandro Serrano from 47 Degrees for the International Conference on Functional Programming. This event will be virtual this year, and runs from August 23rd through the 28th.

Impredicative polymorphism in Haskell

Type inference for parametric polymorphism is wildly successful, but has always suffered from an embarrassing flaw: polymorphic types are themselves not first class. We present Quick Look, a practical, implemented, and deployable design for impredicative type inference. To demonstrate our claims, we have modified GHC, a production-quality Haskell compiler, to support impredicativity. The changes required are modest, localised, and are fully compatible with GHC’s myriad other type system extensions.

Register for the virtual ICFP 2020 before August 8th for discounted pricing.

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