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Kotlin Dev Day

47 Degrees, soon to be Xebia Functional, is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Kotlin Dev Day! Join us on November 24th at Q-Factory in Amsterdam for a full day of Kotlin goodness!

Kotlin Dev Day - Advanced Edition

The 3rd edition of Kotlin Dev Day is kicking things up a bit. In what will be the world’s first Advanced Kotlin conference, Kotlin Dev Day - Advanced Edition

Our team will be available at our table to talk about Kotlin and Arrow, who is also a Silver Sponsor, as well as giving out some cool stuff including special edition copies of Functional Programming Ideas for the Curious Kotliner!

In addition, you’ll be able to catch not one, not two, but four talks from our team. Simon Vergauwen and Alejandro Serrano will both be giving “early-bird” talks prior to the opening keynote, as well as presentations during the normal schedule.

Here’s a look at the topics our team will be presenting during the day:

Context receivers: Kotlin’s new secret sauce

  • Who: Alejandro Serrano
  • When: 11:45 - 12:15
  • Where: Main Stage

This talk will look at context receivers: what they are, and how they can be applied to simplify our code. In particular, we will look at them from three perspectives:

  • How they simplify dependency injection,
  • How to model detached interfaces, like Comparable,
  • How to describe scopes, like the ones for errors.

Graceful shutdown with Structured Concurrency

  • Who: Simon Vergauwen
  • When: 13:45 - 14:25
  • Where: Main Stage

In the modern world we often need to make strong guarantees about how our applications terminate; Structured Concurrency gives us a powerful tool to reason about concurrency, parallel processes, and how they relate to each other.

This talk will cover some of the issues you might encounter when not respecting graceful shutdown, and how we can leverage Structured Concurrency to reason about these issues.

Register for Kotlin Dev Day

Check out the Kotlin Dev Day website to learn more about the event, browse the schedule, and to secure your tickets.

Needless to say, our team is really looking forward to being at the event. So come chat with us about Kotlin, Arrow, and all things functional programming!

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