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Kotlin London Meetup

Kotlin London Meetup

The April Kotlin London virtual meetup takes place on Wednesday, April 14th at 6:00 p.m. GMT. This event will feature talks by Arnaud Giuliani and Roberto Orgiu.

This meetup will be live streamed on the Kotlin London YouTube channel.

Arnaud Giuliani - Riding the state flow

View, State, Action … Unidirectional Data Flow is not a concept unique to React. Used for many years in Web development, it tends to propagate to mobile platforms. Why? Because it helps develop our UI and consider the changes as states and events.

This topic is not new on Android. But Kotlin and coroutines can now greatly improve our experience.

Let’s see how we can structure our Android MVVM development with such an approach. Let’s take some concrete samples and see how we can easily write it with just a Kotlin function, and even embrace functional programming.

Roberto Orgiu - An Android Dev start to Kotlin MPP

Kotlin Multiplatform becomes more and more usable by the day. We might not need it every day, but there might also be the moment when it makes sense for everyone to just share that little bit of logic. In this talk, we will be talking about how we can convert a module to be Kotlin Multiplatform-ready in an existing codebase and how we can interact with it on an Android app.

Learn more about the event and the presenters at the Kotlin London meetup page.

47 Degrees is proud to be an organizing sponsor of the Kotlin London meetup group.

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